आज़ादी विशेषांक / Freedom Special

अंक 13 / Issue 13

मदन सोनी / Madan Soni

Born 1952. His books in literary criticism include Utpreksha (Surya Prakashan Mandir, Bikaner), Kathapurush- a  book on Nirmal Verma’s short fiction (Vagdevi, Bikaner), Vishayantar (Vani Prakashan, New Delhi). He has edited an anothology of Hindi love poetry – Prem ke Roopak, a selection of Ashok Vajpeyi’s poems and Hona Shuru Hona, a collection of three poets’ works.

Has translated Edward Said’s Representations of the Intellectual into Hindi (unpublished) besides translating Lorca, Brecht and Edward Bond, mostly for Fritz Benewitz’s productions. He was the first recipient of the prestigious Devi Shankar Avasthi Award. His book on Nirmal Verma was written as a Ministry of Culture, India fellow. For years he edited Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal’s bomonthly Poorvagrah. Presently he is the Chief Administrative Officer of Bharat Bhavan.

Madan Soni at Pratilipi

  1. प्रतिरोध और साहित्य
  2. Before The Translation
  3. भूमण्डलीय की हिंसा: ज्याँ बाँद्रिला (Translator)
  4. “आतंकवाद” और खाली जगह: मदन सोनी और दीपेन्द्र बघेल की बातचीत
  5. रात्रि: अम्बर्तो इको (Translator)
  6. पाठक, प्रतिपाठक और पुस्तक की मुक्ति
  7. Reader, Anti-reader and the Liberation of the Book
  8. एक नए अनृत का प्रस्ताव

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