आज़ादी विशेषांक / Freedom Special

अंक 13 / Issue 13

तेजी ग्रोवर / Teji Grover

Teji Grover
(Photo: Devapriya Nayak)

Born 1955, Pathankot, Punjab, is a Hindi poet and has also written some fiction. She has published five collections of poetry, one novel, and her first collection of short stories is due out soon. She has translated several Scandinavian classics into Hindi, most of which have been published by Vani Prakashan. Currently based in the township of Hoshangabad , at one of the ghats of the Narmada, she has also been painting obsessively for the last five years. Her awards include Bharat Bhushan Smriti Puraskar, the Raza Foundation Fellowship, and the Senior Fellowship from the central Ministry of Culture. She was also the writer-in-residence at Premchand Srijan Peeth, Ujjain 1995 through 1997. Her novel Neela has been translated into English and Polish, and her poetry into English, Polish and Swedish. She has done readings and delivered lectures mostly in Scandinavian countries, and has been invited to international literary festivals in Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Teji is Pratilipi’s Language Consultant for Swedish and Norwegian.

Teji Grover at Pratilipi

  1. Tove Olga Aurora / टूवे ओल्गा ऑरोरा: Lars Lundkvist / लार्श लुण्ड्क्विस्ट (Translator)
  2. इन किताबों के बीच एक शाम मरी हुई है: नीलिम कुमार (Translator)
  3. गोल गिरजाघर और अस्पताल की इमारतें पानी के तट पर: आन येदरलुण्ड (Translator)
  4. (Notes on) Ann Jäderlund / आन येदरलुण्ड (पर कुछ नोट्स) (Translator)
  5. Weak Pink Color
  6. सु
  7. A Necessary Poem
  8. सिर में एक ज़गह : अंजुम हसन (Translator)
  9. मृत्युरोग: मार्ग्रीत द्यूरास (Translator)
  10. Shudda Breathon Him: Stig Larsson (Translator)
  11. In The Open Sky: Vinod Kumar Shukla (Translator)
  12. क्या हम हाम्सुन को पढ़ना छोड़ दें
  13. रामू को जाली के पार से देखते हुए
  14. The Fragrance of Delgadina’s Soul
  15. The Words Begin as Butterflies: Birgitta Trotzig (Translator)
  16. A Poet Bursting into Color li>
  17. More Substantial Than Dream: Kamlesh (Translator)
  18. The Reluctance of a River: Shirish Dhoble (Translator)
  19. Jangarh Kalam:Udayan Vajpeyi (Translator)
  20. Puppet’s Eye

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