आज़ादी विशेषांक / Freedom Special

अंक 13 / Issue 13

तरुण भारतीय / Tarun Bhartiya


Shillong-based Maithil filmmaker and political activist, Tarun writes poetry in Hindi and has translated North East poetry into Hindi and English.

His poems have appeared in Hans, Samkaleen Bharatiya Sahitya, Pahal, Akshar Parva, Sakshatkaar and were included in Sahmat’s poetry collection Das Baras and some of them have been translated into Bangla and Punjabi.

His translations have appeared in the Anthology of Contemporary Poetry from North East (NEHU, 2003) and Sarai Reader-4.

at Pratilipi

  1. जब बरसेगा शिलौंग
  2. इम्फाल, शिलाँग और अगरतला से छह कवि (Translator)

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  1. Hi!
    I just watched your documentary on the Darjeeling Himalaya Railways in London quite far away from my home in India and was absolutely touched by how poignantly you have protrayed the story. You romanced the railway and it was beautiful to watch… thank you for the visual experience and lots of luck in your future endeavours.

  2. Hi Mr.Bhartiya,
    I watched your BBC documentary on the darjeeling railways at my home in warrington (UK) and was very impressed with the work. What was more heartening was the story and struggle of that single mother Sita for her 5 sons. It was really moving to see the hard work and sacrifice she has made to get a decent life to her children. I really admire her determination to get her sons a good education and how she managed to convince the college principal to waive off her eldest son’s college fees. I would like to offer a helping hand (financially) to that lady so that her children can achieve their goals. So, i will be very pleased if you can let me know how best i can do that. Please contact me through my e-mail or direct me in the appropriate direction if you think it is worthwhile.

  3. Dear Mr. Bhartiya,
    Let me congratulate you for your achievement in bagging the award in UK. I am working with the The Telegraph newspaper and posted in Siliguri, Darjeeling. I would like to do a story on your achievement and would be grateful if you kindly furnish details like your experience during shooting, what prompted you to do the film and anything else that is unique and the response of the people at the award in UK. Would be glad if you kindly mail some pictures of the award function and the film to me.
    waiting for your reply,
    Avijit Sinha
    Senior Correspondent.
    The Telegraph,
    Siliguri, Darjeeling

  4. Dear Mr. Bhartiya,

    I’ve just watched your documentary on the Darjeeling Himalyan railways, and thought it was very insightful & moving. I was particularly touched by the story of Sita the railway porter; it was inspirational to follow the story of her family life, and the determination to educate her eldest son. I would love to write to the family myself, to express these sentiments personally – if this might be at all possible?

    Thanks ever so,

    Elizabeth Gourd

  5. Mr.Bhartiya,

    I am humbled to see that i’m not the only one touched by Sita’s story. I am yearning to offer her help with the childrens’ education. Did her son graduate from college?. Are they okay?. I don’t quite know if this is the forum visible to you but I hope it is.


  6. Hello Mr. Bhartiya. I am from Darjeeling. Can you contact me at reewaj.c@gmail.com. as soon as possible. Its about documentary film making. Regards

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