आज़ादी विशेषांक / Freedom Special

अंक 13 / Issue 13

सुधीर चंद्र / Sudhir Chandra

Sudhir chandra

Sudhir Chandra is the author of The Oppressive Present: Literature and Social Consciousness in Colonial india (OUP,1992), Enslaved Daughters: Colonialism, Law and Women’s Rights (OUP, 1998), and Continuing Dilemmas: Understanding Social Consciousness (Tulika,2002). He is currently working on conversion to Christianity, and is about to finish a book on the last days of Gandhi. He Lives in New Delhi.

Contact: chandra.sudhir@gmail.com

Sudhir Chandra at Pratilipi

  1. 1857 And The Indian Intelligentsia
  2. History, Literature, Beliefs
  3. Translations And The Making Of Colonial Indian Consciousness
  4. A Lone Voice
  5. T.N. Madan In Conversation With Sudhir Chandra
  6. Experiencing Terror
  7. आधा गाँव – दो पाठ और एक अधूरा साक्षात्कार

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