आज़ादी विशेषांक / Freedom Special

अंक 13 / Issue 13

आस्कार पुजोल / Oscar Pujol


Oscar Pujol is a Catalan Indologist. He spent 17 years at BHU, Varanasi, taught Spanish there and obtained a Ph.D. in Sanskrit. He has written numerous papers on many aspects of Sanskrit language and philosophy. Amongst his many contributions to India and Sanskrit is a Sanskrit-Catalan dictionary containing around 60,000 entries, which took him around 12 years to complete. After having worked as Director of Education Programmes at Casa Asia, Barcelona, he is now setting up Instituto Cervantes at New Delhi.

Oscar Pujol at Pratilipi

  1. To Know What Is Love/प्रेम क्या है जानने के लिए

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  1. Oscar Pujol is a great person who always try to close different cultures and socities. His work is really excellent.

  2. Hello, I’m an old friend of Oscar Pujol’s , a old student of music at the BHU Banaras,I would like to get in touch with him after all these years but can’t get hold of his mail adress. Can you help me? Thanking you, Michel Guay.

  3. namaskar sir
    buenas tardes

    como esta el senor profesor? soy su estudiante d’eapanol(2000-2001) de bhu.

    j’oublie mon espagnol monsieur mais je sais un peu de francais parce que j’ai l’ensegne pour quatre annes aux etudiants de cbse. maintenant je suis un assistant professor(professional communication).


  4. i have been spent some years at dptt. of foreign languages(spanish) bhu.during2001-2003 i conciderd myself lucky,becouse sir osker pujol tought me spanish.being an artist when i read picasso,doly,velazquez,suddenly osker sir comes in my mind.but im restless for his e-mail address,something.

  5. Namaskar ,
    I have been spent 3 years at the department of Purana of the All-India Kashiraj Trust ( a trust under auspicious chairmanship of His Highness Maharaja of Banaras ) , Where Dr Oscar Pujol was as an Associate Editor and I was as a Reseach Associate , I am feeling lucky that Dr. Pujol guided me to study and work for Sanskrit Literature . But I am restless for his mail address , If possible his mail address , I would like to have .
    Thanks !

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