आज़ादी विशेषांक / Freedom Special

अंक 13 / Issue 13

ओमप्रकाश वाल्मीकि / Om Prakash Valmiki

Omprakash Valmiki, a leading Hindi Dalit writer and author of the celebrated autobiography Joothan (1997) has published three collection of poetry – Sadiyon Ka Santaap(1989) Bas! Bahut Ho Chuka (1997), and Ab Aur Nahin (2009); and two collections of short stories – Salaam (2000),and Ghuspethiye (2004). He has also written Dalit Saahity Ka Saundaryshaastr (2001), and a history of the Valmiki community, Safai Devata (2009).

Om Prakash Valmiki at Pratilipi

  1. मेरी भाषा में तुम शामिल हो

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  1. Of Course , Shri Omprakash Valmiki is the strong voice of Dalits.I proud of for the same. God bless him.

  2. deeply impressed by jutthan,it was not only an autobiography but marvellous presentation of sufferings given by hindu society to weaker sections.i am proud to belong to this community.

  3. Joothan is really a social document of Maharashtra and Mathiya Pradesh. Omprakash has been living in the world of Caste Myth. the Myth of Indian Caste system. In spite of his Education and employment, His superiors ,like “Commandant of the DSC arrived from Muzaffarngo District, near Barla.” Joothan-134, are still living in Mad world of caste system. by S.bharathirajaelt@gmail.com, UGC Project fellow on Dalit literature in Tamil Nadu

  4. Last night I did read biography of Mr. Balmiki “jhootan” it is very true story about dalit people. It give us enspiration to work somthing for some others those are ruling by todays’s “Social Danav”.

  5. Om Prakash Ji’
    Sarverpratham apko Mera Pranam,
    Mai kaafi pehle se aapka sahitya padh raha hu, or mera sodh karya bhe dalit sahitiye par chal raha.. apki atam kath “JHOOTAN” ne sarvadhik prabhit kiya. iski partiyek pankti satye par aadhirat h.. aapka shitiye ke madhyam se mujhe ek bal mila h.. maine apni kamzori ko apni himmat bana liya ha… apaka aashirward ki kamna karta hu……

  6. Respected Omprakashji,
    Namaskar. I am deeply impressed with your novel or rather your autobiography ” Jhoothan” which incidentally I happened to purchased. I was stunned with the horrifying inhumilation casted on Balmiki Samaj People in Uttar Pradesh. We here in Maharashtra State feel little bit lucky due to the Social upliftment made by renowned Social Workers.

    I would like to Purchase your New Book ” Safai Devta ” ( 2009), Kindly let me know from which Publisher it was published its detailed Postal Address and the exact price of the Book. Kindly arrange to give the details to me on my email id. rlalbegi@yahoo.co.in

  7. Sir, Joothan, a life story is simply a heart touching. Since i have read it, hardly I could have slept without thinking of the lives of the oppressed class. Belonging to Buddhist religion (after 1956), my parents have experienced more or less the same pangs of casteism. Hence i have decided to work on Dalit Literature. Joothan is one of the texts of my research work. I expect more work from Omprakash Valmiki and wishes extreme energy to fight against Castiest Indian Society.

    Please, give me details of the other texts and secondary sources on Hon’ble Omprakash Valmiki’s work. My E-mail ID is __ gautamambhore@gmail.com.

  8. But Things have changed over time.Nowadays it become exception instead of routine problem. However we need to work from our heart to eradicate those exceptions.

  9. Hello
    Please tell me the name of the publisher of your short stories Salaam & Ghuspethiye. I need some material on Dalit short stories(English translations only). If there is a book available regarding this please guide me. I shall be very thankful to you.

  10. of course its sure that omprakash is a very strong person of dalit.he can go further and climb the mountains of freedom and equality. may god bless him.

  11. Shri Om Prakash Valmiki Ji Namaskaar. Maine aapka Jhoothan novel padha hai. Mai apse bahut prabhavit hoon. Appki lambi aayu ke liye main prarthana karta Hnoo.

  12. Om Prakash Valmiki was good and I have also read him in our school books.He was also a simple and a complete man.

  13. Respected Valmiki ji has done very encouraging work by writting about Dalits of India. He has undressed the truth of our society. He is Masiha of Dalits. In this moderen age the Dalits of India are living in Shamefull position . The villages or rural area of India is treating same as Valmiki have discribed. Valmiki ji wish u good luck for wonderfull writings.

  14. Good morning! I am belholden by your novel or rather your autobiography ” Jhoothan”. It writes a new history of India.
    Is there English translation? I came to know (from IIAS,Shimla) that You attended a seminar on dalit there.

    Recently, my book on dalit has come out.I would like to include you in my next work.
    Would like to know more about you.
    regards,Jaydeep Sarangi

  15. sir you are a greatest person who suffered.

  16. aap valmiki caste ki aavaj ko literature ke madayam se kah rahe hai .aap ek nayak ho hamare liye.

  17. Good Morning Sir,

    Your Autobigraphy Jhoothan is very imprased me. I am also Valmiki Community. I fill Distance between SC and General. I want to know more about you and Dalit Sahity. Thanks that you are given a name of Valmiki Community to this Socity. I read a Autobigraphy of Sh. Shyam Lal who was Vice Chanceller of University of Jaipur. “Ek Bhangi Kulpati ki Unkhai Kahani”.

  18. i am very happy when heard about valmiki person in top position. i have read about in more in hindi jagat. congrets sir.

  19. om parkeshji namste or jai walmiki meine apki joothan book padi mei apse bahot prbvit huva isi thar aap samaj ke liye likhate rahiye . ap ko subh kamnye
    soude ramesh
    nanded maharstra

  20. aap valmiki caste ki aavaj ko literature ke madayam se kah rahe hai .aap ek nayak ho hamare liye.


  21. Respected Valmiki ji has done very encouraging work by writting about Dalits of India. He has undressed the truth of our society. He is Masiha of Dalits. In this moderen age the Dalits of India are living in Shamefull position . The villages or rural area of India is treating same as Valmiki have discribed. Valmiki ji wish u good luck for wonderfull writings.

  22. Adarniya Valmiki jee,
    Main aapse milna chahata hun kyonki dalit life narratives par ek project mujhe mila hai. kripya apna telephone ya address batayen.

  23. Respected sir, i have heart about u in books. i want to meet u because u r a great writer in our country sir one qustion for u, how can we change our society? sir where am i living just time ,there is a big crime,sir our youth is going to wrong way, how can stop theirs, our youths is used from childhood daru, jua, satta,,,,,etc. sir where we stand?

  24. Sir with due respect I want to say that today I came to know about yourself. However I did not read any literature of yours but I want to read it now.

    Good Day Sir…..

  25. sir i have gone through ur books and every way it is a voice of our people you r our source of inspiration may i wish god give u good health .thanks a lot.

  26. i, Ramesh sarne,belongs to bhangi jati, and i am proud of that,my wiife is M.A.Bed./my daughter is Dr, Physiotherepist.my son is BE computer engineering. I myself is retierd person,and having experience in dramatics,presented near about 27 marathi plays. i wish to read all books .pl.provide publication.

  27. Namskar valmiki ji, Apki kahani “Pachchis Couka Dedh Sou” padhi. Bahut sarthak abhivaykti h. Ab waqt badal rha h. Dalit vargo me bhi shiksha k parti rujahan hua h.wo din dur nhi jb sb shikshit honge phir koi thakur kisi ko bevkuf nhi bna sakega.Congret u

  28. sir,

    I like your thought.

  29. most respected sir,
    I m very happy to seeing you. really u r very great. we r vry proud of you.
    sir, me bhi balmik hu or biklang hu par aap jese mahan bhav ke aasirbad se me assist teacher hu. or samaj ke liye kuch karna chahta hu.

  30. sir,
    aapne hindi dalit saahity ko ek nayii unchayii dii hai. vichar aur bhasha dono ki abhipsit gahnata ne mujhe vishesh roop se prabhavit kiya hai .aapkii kavitayein yah saabit karati hain ki sahity ka rajnitik mooly ke saath saath ek saundarybodhii mooly bhi hota hai , aapki kavitayein dono par kahri uatarati hain

  31. sir,
    i like your thought… ………..
    // Gud wises//

  32. i read about omprakash valmiki in my civics book and it was given the whole life of dalit nd it is really touching and tru about the lives of dalit and how they were treated
    i love his autobiography and his all the published books

  33. Sir

    I read your poem, I like it , I wise you always bright to you and community also.

  34. Oprakash balmiki ji app balmiki samaj ke liye app bouth acha kaam kar rahe hain
    aur app jaise balmiki samaj ke logo par pureh balmiki samaj ko garv hain (Rajnish kumar Taank) Village-
    Alipur atterna Distt. Muzaffarnager

  35. Hello Sir,

    I have never encountered any big problem belonging to this community out this community itself…

    I am an Administrative Officer in The Oriental Insurance. Till now my life had been all about studies making me stand at a position from where I will not be able to face problems this community, specially the girls faces… when they are first harrashed by their parents by not letting them properly be educated to wish for any better life…
    what are your views regarding this…


  36. Sir,

    Whatever Mr. Ravindra Pratap Singh has wrote is very much evident to me as well.
    I do not know if its any worthwhile writting problems to you…
    But, u have reached to a level now. I think we can expect your co-ordination to take up things which is in favor of whole community.

    looking forward for your reply.
    wishing you the best


  37. sir
    Maine abhi abhi aapki autobiography padhi. ise padhne ke baad mujhe aur aage jaane ki prena mili hai. kaise aapne itni viprit aur katin environment me study ki. yeh mere liye prena ka shrot hai.

  38. Today, I read juthan story i m very inspire to om prakash valmiki G aapko & mami- papako sat-sat namaskar. Aaj yah story padhker mere aankho me aashun aa gaye.

  39. Sir Main Aapko Salam Karta Hoon Aap Nahin Jantn Ki Muje Aapke Bare Main Jankar Kitni Khushi Hui bcz Mujhe Bhi Malum Pada Ki Hamare Samaj Main Bhi Aap Jasie Great People Hain

  40. Really a good inspiration book “Joothan” I purchased two books for my library.

  41. Balmiki ji ki book jhoothan maine bahut pahle padhi thi aaj bhi mujhe book ki ek line yaad hai jisme om prakash ji ke father kahte hain ki beta padh likh kar jati(caste) ko Aage badhana hai. Mujhe iss baat ne itna impress kiya hai ki main chahta hoon ki har father apne bete se yehi baat kahe,ek din aisa ayega ki hum hindustan ke sabse bade pad per baithe honge

  42. Respected Shri Om Parkashi ji,

    Manein abhi haal hi mein aapki teen-chaar ( Joothan, Salam, Safai Devta, Ghuspathiye) pustakein padhi, abhivyakti satik hai tatha ise koi bhugatbhogi hi samajh sakata hai. Aaj bhi samaj mein vahi ho raha hai keval uska roop/ tarika badal gaya hai. Aap jaise logon ke sangharsh se hi kuchh badlao ki kiran dikhegi. Regards.

  43. truly speaking you have given voice to the long felt agony of dalit community.your effort is highly commendable……may the power of your pen ever thrive beyond measure….



  45. Thank you

  46. sadar pranam,valmikiji ,namskaar,me m.phil ka student hu or me aap ki short story par ek adhyan likhna chahta hu to muje aap ki halp chahiye to plese aap ka mobil no or aap ka addresh chahiye to aap apna mobil no or addresh net par rakhiye astu.

  47. Sir,
    sabse pahle apke charno mai maira sader parnam, main apke sawasthy ki ishwer se prarthna karta hu, sir maine apke pustko ko padha aur paya ki apne dlito ke liey jo likha vo kisi aur ne nhi likha
    sir mai apke sampurn shahity per shodh ker rha hu.sir mairi yeh kaman hai hai ki apka ashirwad mujh per bana rahe taki mai apne is karey ko pura kar sku .

  48. respected sir,
    apka lekhan vartman samaj k liye aur hindi sahitya k liye ek mishal hai. hum naye vidyarthiyon ko apse abhi bahut kuch seekhna aur pana hai. apki pachis chauka dedh sau namak kahani padhne ki abhilasha bahut dino se hriday ko udvelit kar rahi hai kripaya ise sighra prapt karne hetu upay batayen, sath hi is kahani k sandarbh me apne niji vichoron se awagat karane ki kripa kare.

  49. thanks to all my readers.they have given me inspiration to fight against
    caste system and hipocracy.

  50. thanks to all my readers .they always inspired me to fight against caste system .
    my words are standing with every person who is sufferer.
    – Om Prakasha valmiki

  51. It is very difficult to share and write the experiences of untouchability and discrimination. Thank you sir for producing such rich dalit lieterature.

  52. sir, thank u very much for writing for daliths. i want read ur writings. can i translate them into telugu. please mail: asrhindi@gmail.com, dept. of hindi, srbgnr govt. arts & science college, khammam 507002. cell:9908922678

  53. Respected Sir,
    maine apki book jhuthan padhi, padhkar laga k ye apki nahi ham sab ki kahani hai..
    book padhte samay aisa lag raha tha k sab meri aankhon k samne ho raha hai..sab wahi baatein jo main
    mehsus karta hun..or bilkul wahi sab jo hamare samaj mein hota hai..ek ek sabd bilkul sahi.. bas ab aisa lagta hai k aapse hamari bohat phle ki jaan pehchan ho.. aapse ab bohat saari aasayein judhi hai.. par sir unko bhi kisi tarh se prerit kare jo log padh nhi sakte kyonki ab bhi hmare samaj mein aeshiksa bohat hai.. aap jaati sudharne mein lage rahe iss sangharsh mein ham bhi apke sath hai…
    Manish Kumar Bidhlan

    Apse aasha hai k aap samaj k padhe likhe logo ko toh bohat prerit kar chuke hai
    par smaj k un logo ko bhi shamjhane ki ya prerit karne ki koshish karein jo book pdhte hi nahi..jo ab bhi
    aadambaro or kurityon mein phasein huein hai.. nasa karte hai..saraab pite hai.. un logo ko kasein samjhayein ye samshya ab bhi bani huee hai.. kya ham sab mil k un logo k liye, apne samaj k liye kuch kar sakte hai.. taaki hamari jaati sudhar sake.. or ham bhi garv se keh sake k Ham hai Balmiki..
    Manish Kumar Bidhlan Nangal Thakran Delhi 39

  55. sir
    sabse pehle to aap ko parnam
    sir maine aap ke dwara liki hu kitab juthan ko kafi gehrai se padha or jana

  56. Being a Balmiki myself, I am very proud of your litrary skill. I have read your Joothan. It is heart touching.

  57. Sir ,

    Please let me where we can buy your book Joothan and Safai devta.
    Please mail me

  58. respected sir dubai mai raat ke 2:20 hue hai mai security ki job krta hon aaj mobile par net khola too aapke bare mai par kr aankhe bhar aai smaj ke liye aap ji ne apne aap koo smrpit kr diya aapke pab shoo kr nmn krta hoo …..d.nahar (dubai)

  59. wow!! gr8 omprakash valmiki learned a lot abt u

  60. dear sir,
    thank you very much sir.
    My Name is arun kumar valmiki….
    aaj apne mere aur apne past ka mujhe aaina dekha diya…
    sach kahu toh mujhe kabi kabi bahut ghin aati hain un logo per jo apne aap ko caste ke name per mahaan bolte hain..

  61. This type of harrassment was not happend in any country, any community and not for such a long time(more than 2000 yrs) in the history of mankind except India. This is really unbearable. How could we consider ourselves civilized when a part of our society are being deprieved of basic rights of human beings. Hats off to great people like Mr Omprakash Valmiki who suffered and struggled a lot and attained success in society. Thanks sir for sharing your things with all. Its really an honour.

  62. jai balmiki sir,aap se muje kuch sabal puchna h.sir sabal ye he ki hamare bhagban ko ye other jati k log daku batate he.kya koi anpad insan inginier ya doictor ban sakta he.nhi na to phir daku ne ramayan kaise likh dali.sir hamare bhagban ko yehe log aise hi badnam karte rahenge.iske khilap koi karbai ya andolan nhi ho sakta.sir muje aapse jabab chahiye please .sir me ek uba ladka hu .maine abhi jaldi me maharishi balmiki uba sanggathan banaya he.sir me bareilly se blong karta hu .sir muje apke sujab jarur chahiye pls sir.i m weiting….neeraj balmiki

  63. dear brother sri valmiki ji ,i read all your books and i have all these in my small library.u r a milestone in dalit literature.we proude on u.pl give your mobile noumber i have lost.rest is okey.

  64. very good

  65. Omprakashji..
    At the moment reading your autobiography. .joothan..Just have read a few pages and found the urge to show my respect to you…I dont know what to say, but yes I would like to ask forgiveness from you and your people for the atrocities committed on them due to this stupid system prevalent in our country.
    Don’t know how or why this was started, maybe by a few selfish but powerful people in this country..now their place has been taken over by these politicians and the religious heads. .hopefully one day …our country will escape their clutches. ..
    It would be a privilege if I could meet you..
    Naveen singh bist

  66. sir,aaj hamara samaj her taraf se hatas niras tatha andhkar m duba h ,sabhi netaon k dhokhe k bad humne Thakedari pratha k khilaf “Hamara Adhikar” nam se ek muhim shuru ki h door to door prachar kia lekin delhi hamare neta hamare virodhi ho gaye m chahata hu aap is adai m hamara sath de mera no.7838723608 h .humen apki pratiksha rahegi
    Jai Balmiki

  67. Dear sir you are very greatfull person in my country. And i proved of you. Because your good socieler in my group and you give importanent time of the dalit samaj. I prey for god. You are success his life may god bless you. Aap ke kathin prayaso ke Karan bahut se dalit yuvao ko aap se Shakti prapt hui. Hum aap ke jivan bhar aabhari rahege. Our aap ke darshano ke abhilashi hai kirpya aapne sampark sutr dene ka kast kare aap Ki aati krapa hogi dhanyavad.

  68. Respected dear sir. I very happy. Read of your stories. I heartly thankfull to you. Because you do good work for our society. And i proved of you. You are as a god of my group balmiki samaj. I pray for god you are success his life. And god bless you. And i want see you. Please give me a chance. Thanks Vinod ph. 09871859188 vinodujjainwal @ gmail.com

  69. Sir,
    Am from Kerala the land of Malayalam . . Recently I read your experience through the Joothans English version ..From the time onwards, sir,I have strong impulse to translate it into my regional language …..and am eagerly waiting your response in this regard.

  70. Today, the 17th November, 2013 I was watching TV. I shocked to see the footage that Shri Om Prakash Valmiki has expired. We have lost a dedicated, strong valmiki sahityakar who had shown the true picture of valmiki community to the world. I pray all mighty that his soul rest in peace and also pray to God to replace a same person to this community in lieu of our beloved departed soul. Salute to Om Prakash Valmiki Ji.


  72. sir,
    joothan book ki ek prati ki jarurat hai

  73. Om Prakash Valmiki Ji is yug ke ek utkrast dalit hindi sahitya ke aatmkathakar, samajshastri, manovaigyanik evam leek se hatkar chalne bale bharat varsh ke ek mahan sapoot hain. Aapke avismarniy palon ke saath naman.

  74. Dear Mr. Prakash ji I am very much pleased to know about you today. Before this I was not aware that there is anyone from Balmiki caste who is so much qualified and writing books etc. I belong to village Ghevra, Delhi and also very much interested to know about my people. I came across one our Hindi officer presently working in Ministry of Defence in South Block, New Delhi, who is at present in DS rank. I also trying to know our caste children who are also more qualified. I always see the names of our caste in Times of India Matrimonals. These children are working in MNCs and settled in foreign county also. We are also progressing but perhaps not at the high speed even after 65years of independence. Our people in States are being still victimized specially in Haryana like Guhana and Mirchipur etc. I would request you to please raise our voice at an appropriate forum, where every Indian should see that we are also Indian living in independent India but they will not like us to rise and if at all somebody tries his legs are pulled back. Pl. try to do something so that our people may feel proud and live independently. Something may also please be done so that our ancestral profession is stopped and our people may do something else instead of sweeping. Pl. do write to me and send to me on email. I will be very much pleased and obliged. Thanking you and kind regards.

  75. I am really happy to read about him, But I am socked to read that he is not in the world . May god bless him. People like Om prakash balmiki neved dies.

  76. Sir, good morning
    I want to read your book “Joothan” from where can I get it.

  77. Sir, I respect you by heart. you have writing power But, now there is no such teacher, which can increase courage of Dalit samaj. I think, you can increase courage of Dalit samaj. But I know samaj sewa is very much difficult work,because in present, we are very busy. It is very difficult to participate for others. But,according to me; some time, some money should be invested for Dalit society. So that, backward Dalit can improve. Forward Dalit can help others.

    Kindly consider my advise, I am with you.

    Thank you

  78. dhut suna jootan ke bare main apse milne ki tamnna hai

  79. औम प्रकाश वाल्मीकि जी,
    जय वाल्मीकि अपनी कोम के जो लोग अपने नाम के पीछे अपने असली गोत्र या वाल्मीकि लिखते हैं । मुझे बहुत खुशी होती है।
    तथा आपकी इस पत्रिका की जितनी प्रशंशा की जाए वह कम है। मैं भी सामाजिक कार्यो में रूचि रखता हुं। तथा भारतीय वाल्मीकि धर्म
    समाज , रजि० संस्था में कार्यकर्ता हुं।
    वीर राजवीर महरोल, वाल्मीकिन
    डी. 16 हरकेश नगर नई दिल्ली 20
    फोन नं० 9213446031

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