आज़ादी विशेषांक / Freedom Special

अंक 13 / Issue 13

मीना कंदसामी / Meena Kandasamy

Meena Kandasamy (1984) teaches English at Anna University, Chennai and is a Contributing Editor at Muse India. Her debut poetry collection Touch was published in 2006 (Peacock Books, Mumbai). Her poetry has appeared in several online and print magazines including The Little Magazine, Indian Literature, Kavya Bharati, Carapace, QLRS. Sheher: Urban Poetry by Indian Women, an anthology will be published later this year. On her most poetic days, she is a Dalit activist and translator. She blogs at http://meenu.wordpress.com

Meena is Pratilipi’s Language Consultant (Tamil).

Meena Kandasamy at Pratilipi

  1. Speaking in Tongues
  2. An Interview with Kasi Anandan
  3. जहां जन्म ले रहे योद्धा: कासी आनंदन (Translator)
  4. In the Garden, Thorns Have Blossomed: Ravikumar (Translator)

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  1. hello madam i am gurumani i heared about you dalit literature you speaking our problems it happy for all dalits you will be succed more and more

  2. Dear Meena K. Iyer!

    This is Dewan V. Selvam alias Dewan MVS Iyer!

    Greetings for being a writer of many perspectives, from an Adhi Brahmanas background (not Adhi Dravidas).

    I read your article about the Dharmapuri, my tears went dried. I hope you will do a lot to prove that the Adhi Brahmanas (not Adi Dravidas- it’s foxy minded political leaders of southern Dravidian states to name all so with degradation). The present Adi Dravidas are not really belonging to Dravidian Race, they belong to the ‘blue blooded’ Adhi Brahmanas. Adhi Brahmanas created, the Southern Indian Languae, Literature, Culture, Temples, systems of worshipping, too. Without, Adhibrahmanas like Saint Poet, Shrivalluvar, Avvai Thamburaati, Pandia Kings’ Court Poet Nakkeeran, Kambar, Bharathi Dasan, all unnamed poets and poetess in Tamizh and Malayalam, Andhanar Pandit Ayothi Das, Andhanar Scholar Rettaimalai Srinivasan, Ealam Vetarans – all Front forces, (Shri Valluva Konathris of Valluvanad- present Kerala), no southern would have got identification as learned, irrespective of castes.

    Be on your path, laurals will come for the blood of Adhi Brahmanas… your path is right for the rights of Adhi Brahmanas.

    Dewan V. Selvam
    Dewan MVS Iyer
    Shrivalluva Konathri
    Founder – president; State Party Kerala and Tamizhnadu (2014)

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