आज़ादी विशेषांक / Freedom Special

अंक 13 / Issue 13

विष्णु खरे / Vishnu Khare


Born 1940, poet, translator and critic Vishnu Khare has published five collections of poetry, Pathantar (2008) being the latest, and a book of criticism Alochana kee Pahlee Kitaab. He has been a prolific translator in Hindi, English, German and other European and Asian languages. Book-length English collections of Hindi poets Shrikant Verma and Bharat Bhushan Agrawal, a collection of Hindi poetry in German (with Lothar Lutse), collections of Nottebaum, Czeslaw Milosz, Wyslawa Szymborska and Miklos Radnoti in Hindi, and Finland’s national epic Kalewala in Hindi are some of his published translations. Goethe’s Faust in Hindi is his latest translation, to be published soon.

Khare began as his career as a college teacher (1963-75), served as Sahitya Akademi’s Deputy Secretary (1976-84), and ended a journalist at Nav Bharat Times (1985-1993).

A member of the Sahitya Akademi, Kalewala Society and UNESCO’s Cultural Commission on India, he has been awarded Finland’s national honor Knight of the Order of the White Rose, Rahguveer Sahay Samman, Maithilisharan Gupt Samman, and Hindi Akademi, Delhi’s highest honor, the Shikhar Samman.

Widely traveled, he has also written art and cinema criticism for Nav Bharat Times, The Pioneer, The Hindustan Times and Frontline. Presently he is writing a film for his son. He lives in Delhi.

Vishnu Khare at Pratilipi

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  2. शिविर में शिशु
  3. विष्णु खरे की कविता ‘जो मार खा रोईं नहीं’ का एक ख़याल-पाठ: गीत चतुर्वेदी

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  1. I like this Pratilipi. It is neet and cool Hindi/English pratilipi to read. Since I live in Washington DC USA do not get chance to read nice Hindi Stories ,Books or artical. Vishnu Bhai is doing good.
    ( I come from small town Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh) I still love to read Hindi artical,Novel and Poerty.
    Manjul Varma

  2. Good and interesting

  3. It is really an intersting write up i was impressed by vishnu khares achivements

  4. Good ..!

  5. Good collaction

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