आज़ादी विशेषांक / Freedom Special

अंक 13 / Issue 13

उदय प्रकाश / Uday Prakash

Born in 1952, Uday Prakash is an independent writer and filmmaker (and formerly a translator, an editor, a journalist, an academician, and even a Government officer). His publications include Peeli Chhatri Wali Ladki, Raat mein Harmonium, Dariyai Ghoda, Paul Gomra ka Scooter, Aur Ant mein Prarthana, Suno Karigar, Tirichh, Ishwar ki Aankh, Areba Pareba, Mangosil, Ek Bhasha Hua Karti hai, Mohan Das. He is one of the most translated Hindi authors and his books have appeared in most Indian languages. His books in English translation are Short Shorts Long Shots, Rage Revelry and Romance, The Girl with the Golden Parasol. 

He has been honoured with many awards that include the Bharat Bhusan Agrawal Puraskar, the Shrikant Verma Award, the Pahal Samman, the Sahityakaar Samman and the Muktibodh Samman.

Uday Prakash at Pratilipi

  1. Exiled from Poetry and Country
  2. कविता और देश से दरबदर

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  1. apko hum sab[d.u.wale]bahut pasand karte hain.

  2. I’m gratified deeply. In fact, my existing readers and youth of incoming generations remain my source of whatever energies I have, for survival and for any creative act. I revere and adore you all. Thanks.

  3. Dear writer,
    May I know which of your book has got sahitya akademi award,2010?
    Only your name has come out in the regional news papers and English news papers.The title of your book is not given. I think the news papers of today have no space for the Indian literature.It can spare lot of space for films and sports . But for language & literature they are going to be greedy day by day.
    I think you will response urgently.
    khirod parida

  4. hai sir i want this books information books names 1 areva preva 2 thireech 3mangocell can u send this information my mail adders (this books wich publisher

  5. aapki kahani “chhappan tole ka kardhan”kis sankalan men hai?

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