आज़ादी विशेषांक / Freedom Special

अंक 13 / Issue 13

शिव कुमार गाँधी / Shiv Kumar Gandhi

Shiv Kumar (b. 1973) is a self-trained painter who also writes poetry in Hindi and, like some others on Pratilipi, never cares about publishing it. He is a happy college drop-out and with his wife, poet Devyani, makes a great host for all kinds of writers and artists who hit Jaipur. His exhibitions have been held at many places including Australia.

After working for and with institutes / NGOs – like the Institute for Development Studies, Digantar and others – he is currently into publishing, ocassional film-making, and children’s art.

Contact: gandhishivk@yahoo.co.in

Shiv Kumar Gandhi at Pratilipi

  1. April 2008 Art Gallery
  2. कि तुम्हें ऐसा ही होना है: शिव कुमार गांधी
  3. March 2009 Art Gallery

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  1. The second issue looks great !! Madan Meena’s paintings seem to enhance the texts greatly.

  2. Wonderful paintings of Shivkumar Gandhi.

    Shailendra Dubey

  3. You are doing great work! Congrats!

  4. Its allways a pleasure to look at – an then read the articles in pratilipi

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