आज़ादी विशेषांक / Freedom Special

अंक 13 / Issue 13

समर्थ वशिष्ठ / Samartha Vashishtha


Samartha Vashishtha (b. 1983) is a bilingual poet writing in Hindi and English. He has published two poetry books in English so far and has contributed poems to leading magazines like Indian Literature, Chandrabhaga and The Journal of Literary Aesthetics. His work in Hindi has appeared in major magazines like Pahal and Vartaman Sahitya from time to time.

An online anthology of his English poems is at http://www.samartha.tk.

His Hindi blog at http://samarthav.blogspot.com draws a significant readership.

Samartha Vashishtha at Pratilipi

  1. तरल भौतिकी
  2. कितनी तकनीकी, स्वामीनाथन

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  1. Samartha Vashishtha writes with a tender resilience that makes one question his numerical years spent on this planet. He is an old soul with insight that stretches far beyond Tyrannosaurus rex. What a gifted spirit that India must be so proud of delivering to the world.

    Suzanne Nielsen

  2. well !! samarth was the student of M.D.A.V public school situated in a small town ,Ambala.He has eally made me proud to say that i am also an DAV’ian ..Thnxx a lot broo for it and all the best for your future and career . And all of our teachers are proud of you.

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