आज़ादी विशेषांक / Freedom Special

अंक 13 / Issue 13

नीलिम कुमार / Nilim Kumar

Born, 1962. Nilim Kumar has published several collections of poems including Baari Kunwar, Swapnar Relgaari, Xeluoi Gadhuli and Xapunar Baagicha. He is one of the most popular poets of contemporary Assamese literature. Has received several awards. His poem ‘Dhunia Tirutabur’ was the inspiration for a Assamese feature film of the same title.

Nilim Kumar at Pratilipi

  1. इन किताबों के बीच एक शाम मरी हुई है

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  1. I have been reading poems of Nilim Kumar since November,2008; but now now I feel that I knew him many many years ago.He is one of the strongest and skilled poet in Assamese modern literature.

  2. I hv read Nilim Kumar’s ‘panit dhou dhoubor maas’,’swapnar relgaari’,’topanir baagicha’,’nimakh’,’narakasur’and ‘dhuniya tirotabor’..I m in search of ‘sheluoi godhuli’ and ‘baari konwer’..i was so much crazy for his poem that i read his poems and kept many of them in mind,when i was in cotton college in my 16-17..he has a strong voice, mode of expression something different.He Presents lifeless objects also in liveliest way..But one thing, does he have a book named ‘xapunar baagicha’ as written here???

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