आज़ादी विशेषांक / Freedom Special

अंक 13 / Issue 13

मिथिलेश मुकर्जी / Mithilesh Mukerjee

(Photo courtesy Apurwa Yagnik)

(1918 – 2001)

Mithilesh Mukerjee was born to parents who founded the Savitri Girls School and College as Savitri Kanya Pathshala in Ajmer in 1914. Her elder sister founded the Maharani Girls College of Jaipur in 1944. Educated at Allahabad University, Mithilesh joined Maharaja School as a teacher in 1940. She later went on to become Inspectress of Schools, and later, Inspector of Schools. All her life she taught and administered at various levels except the last few years of her service when she was with the Department of Community Development.

At the insistence of her niece Purwa Yagnik Kushwaha, the well known translator of several classics of educational literature, she began to write a first person account of her life and times, weaving a repertoire of characters around her, including persons belonging to her large joint family. The journal\chronicle is written in the form of letters addressed to Purwa who has given shape to the journal, and has given it a press ready form.

Mithilesh Mukerjee at Pratilipi

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