आज़ादी विशेषांक / Freedom Special

अंक 13 / Issue 13

मीरनशाह / Miranhshah

MIRANHSHAH, 38, is currently based in a village near Dharamshala, preparing himself for the life of a natural farmer, like his Japanese teacher Masanbou Fukuoka. His ambition is to spend the rest of his life working with the earth (if the earth allows him), and grow his own food in full view of the snowy peaks of the Dhauladar ranges.

This hermetic poet conceals his identity as a poet and has named his writing self Miranhshah. And on being probed he shrugs his shoulders and says he is only a reader of Miranhshah. Only an inner cirlcle of friends know he is Miran, and that’s how the inner circle gets its identity as his inner circle. No ambition to get published.

In order to be able to buy a piece of land he has been translating for several agencies, and translates from English and French into Hindi and Punjabi. Has translated Paul Eluard from French into English.

(Written by Teji Grover.)

Miranhshah at Pratilipi

  1. I Would Have Liked To Call This Poem So Many Babies
  2. Scissors of Her Eyes Cut the Melody: Paul Eluard (Translator)

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