आज़ादी विशेषांक / Freedom Special

अंक 13 / Issue 13

यूरी टाल्वेट / Jüri Talvet

Jüri Talvet (born December 17, 1945, Pärnu) is an Estonian poet and academic. Talvet is the author of books of poetry, criticism and essays and has been awarded the Estonian Annual Prize of Literature (1986), the Juhan Liiv Prize of Poetry (1997) and the Ivar Ivask Memorial Prize for poetry and essay (2002). He is the Chair of Comparative Literature of Tartu University and since 1994 he chairs the Estonian Association of Comparative Literature. He is the editor of Interlitteraria, the annual international journal of comparative literature published by Tartu University Press.

Jüri Talvet at Pratilipi

  1. Cornucopia: Hasso Krull (Translator)

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