आज़ादी विशेषांक / Freedom Special

अंक 13 / Issue 13

अशोक वाजपेयी / Ashok Vajpeyi

Eminent Hindi poet, critic and editor Ashok Vajpeyi (b. 1941) has published fifteen books of poetry including Shaher Ab Bhi Sambhavana Hai (1966), Tatpurush (1986), Bahuri Akela (1992), Ibarat Se Giri Matrayen, Ummeed ka Doosra Naam (2004) and Vivaksha (2006). He has also published five books in literary and art criticism: Filhal, Kuchh Poorvagrah, Samay se Bahar, Kavita ka Galp and Sidhiyan Shuru ho Gayi Hain. His poetry has been translated into Bangla, Marathi. Gujarati, Urdu, Rajasthani, English, Polish and French. His awards include Officer of the Order of the Arts and Letters (France), Officer of the Order of the Cross (Poland), Sahitya Akademi Samman, Dayavati Mody Kavishekhar Samman and Kabir Samman.

He is the founder of the multi-art center, Bharat Bhawan, in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, was the first Vice Chancellor of the Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, Wardha, and is currently the President of the Lalit Kala Academy. He lives in New Delhi.

Ashok Vajpeyi at Pratilipi

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  1. sir,
    i m an ardent lover of poetry, philosophy and paintings. I am a poet myself, writing in english and in telugu. I have gone through the different poetry compositions of Indian languages, to expand my horizon and to get interaction with the latest styles, object ,theme – technique and expression modes of contemporary poetry. When i come across the poetry of sri Ashok sir, i feel very happy n thought of myself as if i m exploring the innate dimensions of human agony and ecstacy.. Its so great that, the expression has competed with the language which touches the heart with all its sensitivity and subtlety..
    I understood that, sri Ashok ji’s poetry is a painting of words embedded with all the philosophical quest of humans, by reaching the universal appeal…
    kudos to sri Ashok ji…

  2. Dear Mr. Ashok Bajpai.
    With all my deep respect and appreciation for your great work.
    However, one noticeable misrepresentation has surfaced in your writing in The Tribune online edition article dated May 8 2011. That you claim or mentioned that Shri Rabindra nath Tagore the name “Mahatma” on Mohandas Gandhi. However, there is no known evidence of this statement or at any place, it was published or documented with actual date, place or year. Fact of Matter Mahatma Gandhi First time Met Gurudev in April 1915. Even the Gandhi Museum does not have proof of this. Actually, Nautamlal Bhagavanji Mehta (Kamdar) of Jetpur (Kathiawad) was the first to do so on January 21, 1915 in Jetpur, India. The proof is evident at http://www.kamdartree.com. (It is under redesigned status, so please bear with some missing link) If you can provide proof, to the contrary, we are welcome to it. However, wrong information is worse than presenting no information. This is a matter of world history, and we would appreciate you looking into this matter. Hope to read in your paper rectification and acknowledgement from Ashok Bajpai about his misrepresenting the fact. Thank you

    Niranjan Mehta

  3. Respected Mr. Ashok Vajpeyiji, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (16 Jan.) & Best Wishes for future. Iheartly impressed by U’r Hindi literature. FILHAAL (critics) & EK PATANG ANANT ME, BAHURI AKELA,(poems) etc. are the most important books in hindi . Respected Sir, My research work is in progress on U’r “kavita-alochana’. I wish to meet & discuss with you. Please, give me time with blessings.

  4. you are a great asset for our country. my great salute to your views on news exp tv chaneel today. I am sure that your views will inspire the indians to fight aginst the concerned matter.

  5. sir,take my love and respect for you. i am a great admirer of you. i have met you before. my poet friend nilim kumar introduced me with you. long live poetry !

  6. परम आदरणीय वाजपेयी जी, आपके साहित्य का अध्ययन कर मुझे बडा सन्तोष हुआ। आपकी कविता में जीवन की हर संवेदना व्याप्त है। समकालीन साहित्यकारों के साहित्य को आपने आलोचनात्मक रचनाओं में स्थान दिया है। आपके साहित्यसृजन के चिरन्तन कार्य के लिए बधाई।

  7. Dear Shri Vajpeyi ji,
    Although I have seen you at A.P.Singh university, Rewa (M.P.) during one of your visits there but could not interact with you much because of our diverse academic interests. I am the Founder Professor & Head, Dept. of Maths. & Statistics there and served the APS Univ. for over 17 yrs. (1985-2002). Today I saw your article entitled “Ek Dophar Andhere Mein” in Hindustan, Lucknow ed. with a reference to Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh.
    Could not succeed in tracing your email contact address. However, I was impressed to see your page on Wikipedia. Became more impressed to find your year of birth (1941) which is also mine as per actual age.
    Have lost every hope to get any post retirement benefits from the University that I served wholeheartedly through my hard labour working even up to late hours (10 p.m.) in the Dept. and had been the first teacher of APSU to move out as a VC and on numerous foreign teaching/research assignments.
    With best wishes and regards,
    Lucknow (India): Sept. 7, 2014 Hon. Col. (NCC) Prof. Dr. Ram Bilas Misra
    Ex VC, Avadh Univ., Faizabad/Ayodha, U.P. rambilas.misra(at)gmail.com

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